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I was literally waiting to share this topic with you all. Hyderabad is a foodies’ paradise. Prominent Hyderabadi cuisine, also known as Deccani cuisine or Hyderabadi Ghiraayat is a blend of Nizami cooking and Iranian style with Telangana spices. It also has flavours of Mughal, Arababic, Turkish and Marathi cooking. The staple food comprises mainly rice and meat (Chicken/ Lamb or Goat) and Indian breads (Rotis). The course is categorized into Aghaz (soup), Mezban (starters), Mashgool Dastarkhwan (main course) and Zauk- e- Shahi (Dessers). The best restaurants in Hyderabad and other food joints follow the tradition. The soup (Mutton Marag or Chicken or Vegetable) is served followed by starter- Luqmi (a Hyderabadi version of samosa) and Haleem. The main course comprises Hyderabadi biryani with Mirchi ka salan or Bhagaar e Baingan as accomplishments. The famous Qubani ka meetha, Double ka meetha (bread dessert), faluda etc are served as desserts. Many of the Hyderabadi restaurants serve the mentioned cuisine. Though there are limited options for vegetarians, but due to growing demand of the vegetarian population, there are considerable restaurants serving vegetarian dishes.

The moment when we talk about food in Hyderabad, what strikes our mind? Of course biryani. So starting with biryani, I’ll discuss each and every food joints and best restaurants in Hyderabad.

Best restaurants in Hyderabad for biryani

Most admired cuisine in the world- The world famous Hyderabadi Biryani
Authentic Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani

No introduction required for the world famous cuisine, the Hyderabadi Biryani! The biryani that is served in almost all best restaurants of Hyderabad. The flavour, fragrance and of course the taste are impeccable due to which it garnered world wide prominence. It is also considered as one of the famous dishes in India and available at sizeable number of restaurants across the nation. The meat (Chicken, Goat or Lamb) is marinated in yoghurt mixed with deep fried onions, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, papaya paste (for tenderizing the meat) and spices of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, mint leaves and bay leaf (optional). The marinated meat is added to half cooked basmati rice (flavoured rice) and cooked for a while closing the utensil with a lid. Thus the biryani is prepared and served hot with mirchi ka salan or shorba and raitha.


The famous and one of the best restaurants of India- Bawarchi, a place where you can get the best authentic Hyderabadi Biryani
Bawarchi- one of the best biryanis

Beware of fake Bawarchis is a board you find once you step in. Yes, there are multiple restaurants who add a prefix to Bawarchi. People from other states often mistake these restaurants to that of original Bawarchi at RTC X Roads and complain about the quality of Hyderabadi Biryani. Never mind, coming to the original Bawarchi, the moment you step in, the fragrance of biryani tickles your taste buds and makes you eager to have a bite of this delicious biryani. No worries though, thanks to the quick service here.  The biryani is so delicious that you will get addicted easily. Vegans can stay away though they serve vegetable biryani but not comparable to that of Non vegetarian counterpart. Alongside biryani, like all the other restaurants serving biryani, they provide a Sherwa or Shorba (soup) and Raitha (curd mixed with onions) as accomplishments.  Once you step out of the restaurant, you will sure relish the taste and the fragrance will definitely give you olfactory hallucinations. Trust me guys, the whole day you will feel heavy and drowsy and you can enjoy your delicious slumber.

Apart from Biryani, the restaurant also serves North Indian and Chinese dishes. Other Hyderabadi cuisines such as Qubani ka Meetha, Double ka Meetha, Haleem (only in the holy month of Ramadan) etc are served here.

Don’t forget to have a meetha pan at the pan shop beside Bawarchi. It is pretty famous for the same. A best restaurant to visit in Hyderabad.

Address: VST- Vidyanagar road, Opposite Sandhya Theatres, RTC X Roads, Hyderabad 500020

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The other restaurants who serve Hyderabadi Biryani with a negligible difference in taste and also worth a visit are

Café Bahar

Cafe Bahar- Another landmark restaurant that serves the best authentic Hyderabadi biryani which is also considered as the best restaurants in Hyderabad
Cafe Bahar

The Place also serves one of the best biryanis in Hyderabad and awarded as the best restaurants in Hyderabad. It is often crowded like any other Hyderabadi restaurants and the waiting is also a worth as you dont have to regret later for not tasting the delicious cuisines. The mouth watering biryani and Haleem during Ramadan season are a must try here. In the ground floor, you can find the takeaway counter along with some quick bites such as Samosas, Luqmi, Osmania biscuits and Irani chai. In the inner part of the ground floor, you can find a fine dinning hall. If you are visiting with family, there is family section on the first floor. One may not find much difference in quality and quantity of biryani served here to that of the same in Bawarchi.

Address: Old MLA Quarters, Avanti Nagar, adjacent to Appollo Hospitals, Hyderguda, Hyderabad 500029

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Hotel Shaadab is famous for Hyderabadi biryani. Its proximity to Charminar is another advantage to the restaurant.

Shadaab is very old and best restaurant in Hyderabad especially for biryani lovers. One visiting charminar never misses this wonderful hyderabadi restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic Hyderabadi biryani and other delicious Hyderabadi cuisines. Many tourists visiting old city prefer this place which has a fine dining. The trusted and qualified chefs prepare the authentic dish and there is no compromise in the quality and quantity since the inception of the restaurant. Haleem is also served here during Ramadan. The visitors of colourful Charminar and the adjacent shopping areas visit the restaurant during Ramadan. Not only the festive season, the restaurant is always crowded and known for its quick service.


Address: High Court Road, Madina Circle, Charminar, Hyderabad 500012

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Shah Ghouse

Shah Ghouse Restaurant- A Hyderabadi Restaurant
Shah Ghouse- Gachibowli

Shah Ghouse is another best Hyderabadi restaurant serving the best biryani alongside other famous Hyderabadi cuisines such as Haleem, Nihari, Firni etc. The Shah Ghouse Toli Chowki branch is the oldest branch compared to the Raidurgam branch. Foodies can enjoy the delicacies and the ambience alike. The restaurant suits for the large group of visitors and generally crowded with a significant increase in the weekends. Shah Ghouse menu consists of North Indian, Chinese dishes besides Hyderbadi cuisines. The foodies have preferred visiting the place for the quality and quantity which values every penny they spend. There is not much difference in the taste of biryani when compared to other restaurants.

Address: Opposite Bio Diversity park, Gachibowli Road, Raidurgam, Hyderabad 500032

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Near RTA office, Kakatiya Nagar, Tolichowki, Hyderabad 500008

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4 Seasons

Four Seasons- The well known landmark and a best restaurant in Hyderabad serving best Hyderabadi Biryani
Four Seasons- Toli Chowki

4 Seasons is a famous restaurant serving Hyderabadi cuisines with North Indian and Lebanese dishes. The kebabs are a must try apart from Hyderabadi biryani. 4 Seasons Tolichowki is the prominent branch among the other chain of 4 season restaurants. Sea food and pathar ka gosht is other dishes which are highly rated by the visitors. The good food quality and quantity wise with a decent ambience makes this place worth a try.


Address: Yousuf Tekri, opposite RTA office, Kakatiya nagar, Tolichowki, Hyderabad 500008

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Lesser known restaurants that serve with almost similar taste are Astoria (just beside Bawarchi RTCX Roads), Pakwaan at Bowenpally also worth a visit.


Paradise- World's favourite Biryani stands to the tagline as it is the first restaurant to introduce Hyderabadi Biryani to the public. It serves one of the best Hyderabadi biryani with slight variation in taste from other Hyderabadi Restaurants. Al in all, it is considered as one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad and India as it has opened its branches in other cities as well
Paradise- World’s Favourite Biryani

Established in 1953 which is very close to Secunderabad station serves a different version of Hyderabadi biryani. If you are a novice biryani eater or sensitive to spicy biryani, then you can try this one out. Paradise biryani is often referred as the world famous biryani, try this if you want to taste an altogether a new variety of biryani. Else opt any one of the above. It is worth a visit (any branch) for its ambience. Paradise now opened many branches across Hyderabad. Paradise at Mahatma Gandhi Road (the circle here is called as Paradise circle, named after this wonderful restaurant), Begumpet, Himayatnagar, Hitec City and Masab Tank (only take away).

Address: Paradise Circle, SD Road, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003

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Top 10 Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurants

Hyderabadi Haleem

We spoke about Biryani, which is one of the best Hyderabadi cuisines. What comes next ? Its Haleem! the delicious and nutritional dish is considered as another Hyderabadi delicacy. It is served in the holy months of Ramadan in any Hyderabadi restaurant. During the months of Ramadan, to break the fasting, people often prefer this delicious dish so as to stay healthy. It is prepared with lamb or goat meat mixed with dry fruits and spices. If you taste the Hyderabadi haleem at least once, you will definitely crave for another. But it is only served during the months of Ramadan at restaurants like Bawarchi, Paradise, Cafe Bahar, Shah ghouse etc. Pista House Haleem is considered as the best Haleem followed by the mentioned restaurants. There are a chain of Bandis at a place called King Koti (near Abids) that serve this dish entire year.

Pista House

Pista House- A bakery that serves Hyderabadi Haleem and other Hyderabadi delicacies like Osmania biscuits.
Pista House- Shah Ali Banda

Pista House now opens at many places across the city, Shah ali Banda branch being the first. It is a bakery that serves all the bakery products ranging from Osmania biscuits to wide variety of cakes. The reason I mentioned this bakery here is they serve world famous Haleem in the Ramadan season. The branches of Pista House are widely spread across. Chikkadpally, Nizampet, Nampally, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Moghulpura, Masabtank and Tolichowki are the branches. Sandwiches and sweets are other items are alsoa part of Pista house menu.

Hyderabadi Haleem- The world famous delicious and nutritional dish which is exported to other countries as the popularity of the dish is peaks!
Yummy Pista House Haleem

Address: 20-4-132, Charminar Rd, Shalibanda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

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Pista House Bakery and Restaurant Raidurgam

As mentioned that Pista house serves its unique delicacies in multiple locations of Hyderabad, Pista house bakery and restaurant at Gachibowli- Raidurgam is one of the famous among them. It is known for its ambience and Hyderabadi delicacies. Like any other Hyderabadi restaurant, Hyderabadi biryani is one of the best dish served here. North Indian and Chinese dishes are also available here. The restaurant offers quality and quantity food at an affordable prices. The close proximity to IT companies and other MNCs makes this place a happening and crowded.


Address: 2-48/P/21 Old Mumbai Highway, Telecom Nagar Extension, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

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Best restaurants in Hyderabad for families and kids


Ohri’s is a brand of hotels known for its unique concept or theme based restaurants as well as delicious mouth- watering dishes. It has also extended its branches all over with unique concept, style and ambience. I personally prefer these restaurants for their ambience and food.

Ohri's 70 MM- A best restaurant in Hyderabad with filmy posters and good food of all regions
Ohri’s 70 MM

Ohri’s 70mm: Adjacent to the Hussain Sagar Lake, there stands a chain of hotels from Ohri’s. 70 MM being one of them. A unique ambience where you can find the walls decorated with film posters from Mughal E Azam to the latest.

Tansen- The royal moghul architecture is another restaurant which is worth a visit in Hyderabad for fine dining with eye catching interiors and royal treatment.
Tansen- A royal ambience

Tansen: Just beside Ohri’s 70 MM, here comes Tansen with Moghul Architecture. The royal treatment here often mesmerizes the visitors.

Ohri’s- 1857

1857:  The bar and restaurant that serves you a wide range of Italian, continental varieties and drinks apart. One should visit this place and enjoy the ambience of this roof top restaurant.

Address: Beside Jalavihar Water park, Necklace Road, Hyderabad 500004

Punjabi food is always delicious and we crave for having the taste of the dishes. Here is the best restaurant in Hyderabad that serves authentic Punjabi dishes- Ohri's Jiva!
Ohri’s Jiva

Ohri’s Jiva: Authentic Punjabi food is served here with a fascinating ambience.

Address: Shiparamam Complex opposite Cyber Towers, Hitec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081

The thrilling interiors of this cave themed restaurant is worth a mention. It also serves multi cuisines and considered as one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad
Thrilling dine @ Ohri’s Gufaa

Ohri’s Gufa: A Restaurant in a cave theme with dim lights and scary noises is another innovative concept by Ohri’s. Ambience apart, you can enjoy the thrilling experience and delicious food simultaneously.

For the fascinating and unique experience you should visit the place which is the best restaurants to visit in Hyderabad in terms of ambience and food
Dining in a metro- Ohri’s Silver Metro!

Silver Metro: We all might have enjoyed our packed food in a moving train. How about the a la carte in an immovable train? Yes. The train themed restaurant also gives you a great joy along with the yummy food.

Eatmor: A vegan’s paradise where you can enjoy a quick bite along with your children. It’s a fun filled experience especially for kids.

Address: Ohri’s Cuisine court, opposite old Gandhi Medical College, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500004

Ohri’s Mehfil: Another restaurant with Mughal settings with lively music played by expert artists gives you immense thrill in this non vegetarian joint.

Near Clock Tower, S.D. Road Secunderabad 500003

Experience the wild and scary stuff along with delicious multi cuisines at one of the Hyderabad's best restaurant- Ohri's Serengeti
Scary yet thrilling at wild- Ohri’s Senengeti

Ohri’s Serengeti: Imagine if you would have been stuck in a dense Forest. Suddenly you come across a roar sound of a wild animal and you don’t know what to do. Scary right? All these you can expect here. A restaurant with forest theme and a good north Indian food, the experience you may not forget so easily.

Address: Ohri’s Banjara(3Star Hotel), Road number 12, Banjarahills, Hyderabad 500034

The oldest yet best restaurant in Hyderabad which also has the accommodation and banquet facilities with late night food (buffet) and a pub.
Ohri’s Baseraahotel with all amenities

Ohri’s Basera: A 3 star hotel with 24 hour room service and well maintained rooms is located in a little distance from Secunderabad Station. Restaurant with mid night food buffet and a pub known as Outswinger gives you a complete and luxurious experience.

Address: Near Clock tower, S.D. Road Secunderabad 500003


Best vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad

Santosh Dhaba

Santosh Dhaba- a best chain of restaurants in Hyderabad serving the delicious north Indian Vegetarian hygienic dishes.
Vegans’ Paradise- Santosh dhaba Abids branch

We spoke about Hyderabadi restaurants and theme oriented restaurants where both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. Now let’s speak about the chain of restaurants where there is only delicious North Indian vegetarian food is served. Again beware of fake Santosh Dhabas with prefixes. Santosh Dhaba has branches in many places of Hyderabad. A restaurant with a great reputation and an average Hyderabadi dines in. The joint was established way back in 1969 by Mrs. Sushilabai Patel, an ardent devotee of Santoshi maa from where the name derived. The first restaurant was started at Begumbazar as Santosh Vihar which was later turned in to a huge chain of Restaurants called Santosh Dhaba. If you are looking out for a best Vegetarian North Indian restaurant, this would be the right choice.


New Santosh Dhaba: Opposite Santosh- Sapna Theatre, Meena Bazar extension, Abids, Hyderabad 500001

Santosh Dhaba Exclusive: Jaya International Lane, Hanuman Tekdi, Abids, Hyderabad 500001

New Santosh Dhaba I: Opposite ACP office, Goshamahal, Begum Bazar, Feelkhana, Hyderabad 500012



Royal ambience of Chutneys

A typical south Indian breakfast consists of Idly with sambhar and a coconut chutney or Dosa with the same accomplishments. But here they serve Idly or Dosa with wide variety of Chutnies from where the name derived. Moreover there are ample of varieties of customised Dosas available here such as paneer Dosa (paneer curry with semi gravy stuffed inside a Dosa), Steam Dosa etc. Idlies are served with red pepper powder sprinkled on each Idly with a lot of Ghee on it. It is definitely worth a visit for the taste of typical south Indian breakfast or tiffin and a royal treatment with a great ambience.

Address: Road number 3, Banjarahills, Nagarjuna Circle, Hyderabad 500034

Road number 36, Jubileehills, Hyderabad 500033

Subbayya Gari Hotel

Only typical andhra cuisines with a great dedication in service is a speciality of the one and only Subbayya Gari Hotel
Subbayya Gari Hotel- an authenticTelugu restaurant

Subbayya Gari Hotel originated from Kakinada Town of Andhra Pradesh has recently opened two of its branches here. A complete Andhra vegetarian meal is the specialty of this authentic restaurant. Butta Bojanam (basket meals) is what they call here when you check in to take away. The management or staff’s reception is worth a mention. If you are a lover of homemade Andhra cuisine, then this one is highly recommended.

Address: Sridevi Residency, Kukatpally Housing Boad Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500072

Mehbub Mansion, Sri Krupa Market, Malakpet, Hyderabad 500036

Whitefields, Kondapur, Hyderabad 500081


Maa Santosh Dhaba

Another must try restaurant for vegans. The delicious north Indian vegetarian food is served here with excellent service and good ambience. The restaurant is situated at a prime location of Raidurgam beside IT corridor Divyasree Orion and very close to Financial district due to which you will always find this vegan’s paradise crowded but we can thank the management and staff for their hospitality and quick service. As I said, the food is too delicious and one must try if you are looking out for vegetarian options in the nearby locations. The huge varieties of vegetarian main course may surprise you. The hygiene maintained here is also worth a mention.

Address: Old Mumbai Highway, Beside Divyasree Orion, Raidurgam, Gachibowli Hyderabad 500032

Best south Indian restaurants in Hyderabad

Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Rayalaseema ruchulu serves the best rayalaseema and coastal andhra dishes and very famous for spicy non vegetarian food makes it the best restaurant in Hyderabad.
A destination for spicy telugu cuisines- Rayalaseema Ruchulu

The extreme level of spices which is very much common in Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions of Andhra Pradesh is a specialty in this chain of restaurants.  Ulavacharu, Natu kodi iguru (country chicken gravy) and other rayalaseema and coastal Andhra cuisines are available here. If you have strong senses to withstand the immense spicy food, then you are always welcome here. Food especially non vegetarian is amazing here. The ambience is also excellent.

Address: FTTCI Marg, Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad 500004

Adjacent to Peddamma Temple arch, Road number 36, SVM Mall, Jubileehills, Hyderabad 500033

Near Big Bazar, Nagarjuna Nagar colony, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 500016

Next to Ratnadeep, HudaTechno enclave, Hitec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081


Another best restaurant in Hyderabad serving the delicious Andhra- Rayalaseema- Telangana food with great ambience- Ulavacharu
Ulavacharu- unique restaurant with unique name and delicious dishes!

Ulavacharu: This is another place for typical telugu cuisines and a cozy looks. A highly rated restaurant from locals and NRIs alike. All the varieties both non vegetarian and vegetarian dishes of telugu states are available here. You can enjoy the food along with the great atmosphere.

Address: Road Number 68, Jubileehills, Hyderabad 500034


There are lots of other restaurants such as Bowl o China (Chinese), Oh Calcutta (Bengali cuisine), Bikanerwala (Gujrati) etc in Hyderabad

Mandi in Hyderabad

Mandi- A Saudi Arabia Dish which is prominent in Hyderabad and gaining popularity among the public.
Mouth- watering Mandi

Famous Saudi Arabian dishes such as Mandi is rapidly increasing its demand over the years in Hyderabad. There are several joints that are serving these dishes. Firstly, I thought that the Mandi is nothing but a remixed version of Biryani but there are a lot of differences. There is a different custom in the restaurants serving this wonderful dish. We are requested to leave our footware outside the restaurant and sit on the carpeted floor. Remember, Mandi is not meant for single persons. It should atleast contain a group of two to four people. On a small table, they serve a huge plate of Mandi in which all four can share. It will be an awesome experience. It is made of Rice mixed with all the spices and decorated with cashews, pomegranate seeds and between the rice you can find gigantic pieces of meat with four different accomplishments.

Restaurants serving Mandi

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi- an arabian restaurant

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi

Address: Beside Spencer Hyper Market, Musheerabad, Hyderabad 500020

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Maatam Al Arabi

Address: Ali ka Swimming pool, Pahadi Shareef, Hyderabad 500005

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Famous Hyderabadi dishes

Pathar Ka Gosht

The Historical dish- Pathar Ka Gosht
Pather Ka Gosht

A unique Hyderabadi delicacy known for its history and rich taste. On an official work, the Nizam ruler was on his way along with his chef. The chef usually carries all the utensils and ingredients with him as the king prefers the food cooked by his own chef. But on the day, the chef forgot to carry the utensils. On the way, the king asked him to prepare the food as he was tired and hungry. The chef prepared the meat in a unique way by placing the meat (gosht) on a stone (pathar). When the king tasted the food, he was all praises for the chef. Later the same turned out to be one of the delicacies and famous cuisines of Hyderabad- that is Pather ka Gosht.

A famous eatery on the Tankbund where the famous Hyderabadi dish- Pathar ka Gosht is served
An open air eatery- Bade Miya Kebab

It is available in almost all the Hyderabadi restaurants and Bade Miya Kebab- an eatery on the Tank bund- is a famous place where you will find this dish. It is an open air eatery where you can enjoy the Hyderabad’s famous delicacy along with the cool breezy evening at Tankbund- the lakeshore of Hussain Sagar

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Qubani ka Meetha

Qubani ka meetha- a famous Hyderabadi dish made of apricots
Qubani ka meetha

A Hyderabadi sweet or dessert you can find in many of the Hyderabadi weddings. Qubani (apricots) are cooked in sugar syrup and decorated with almonds, cashew and other dry fruits. A delicacy rich in its taste and nutritional values is another mouth- watering Hyderabadi cuisine that you must try when you are in Hyderabad and the taste you will definitely relish and crave for and available in all Hyderabadi restaurants.


A healthy and nutritional food is a famous Hyderabadi dish which is delicious as well as nutritious
Healthy and nutritional Nihari

The stew of lamb- Goat meat along with bone marrow is another Hyderabadi delicacy which one must definitely try. The spicy stew is available in almost all the restaurants and very popular in Hyderabadi restaurants. Along with the taste and nutritional values, the dish has also medicinal values as it acts as a natural or home- made remedy for people suffering with cold and cough.

Street food in Hyderabad

Gokul Chat

A small chaat bandhar is another best street food joint in Hyderabad
A small but very famous Gokul Chaat

You can relish the unique taste of Samosa Ragda, Paani Puri and other extraordinary chaat items at Gokul Chaat. The food joint is worth a visit for its everlasting taste.

Address:  Hasmathgunj, opposite womens college, Badi Chowdi, Koti, Hyderabad 500001

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A street food joint in Hyderabad serving unique idlies and dosas which is well known in the Twin cities
Grated Paneer Dosa @ Pragati Tiffins

Pragati Tiffins: On any day, if you visit the narrow streets of Hanuman Tekdi, Gujrati Galli near Abids, you can find a row of cars and two wheelers parked on the road side with their owners waiting for a long time. Here is the reason, a famous food joint rather I can call it as a breakfast joint was set up since years. The Idly with spicy liquid chutney poured on idly and Dosa with grated paneer and stuffed spicy gravy are to be tasted here. Too yummy. They serve from 06:30 AM to 03:00 PM

Address: Opposite Pragathi Maha Vidyalaya, Gujrati Gulli, Hanuman Tekdi, Abids 500001

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Ram ki Bandi- a late night street food joint in Hyderabad
Ready to serve Dosas at Ram ki Bandi

Ram ki Bandi: Another food joint which serves the tiffin in the late night from 03:30 AM till 08:00 AM. The dishes served here are Dosas and Idlies. As usual there is a huge crowd that gathers from 03:30 AM to have a bite of their favourite snack at their favourite joint.It was started by Mr. Ram Kumar Shinde, an MBA graduate with a unique business strategy of serving customised dosas and it turned out to be a successful venture. Definitely worth a visit.

Address: Nizam Shahi Road, Moazzam Jahi Market, opposite Karachi Bakery, Osman Gunj, Hyderabad 500012

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Hyderabadi Irani Chai

Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

A famous and a best cafe in Hyderabad serving the best Irani chai
Nimrah Cafe- A well known cafefor Irani Chai

Irani Chai is another famous delicacy of Hyderabad and the best place where you can get the right Irani Chai is Nimrah Café. Condensed milk, Suger and tea decoction are the major ingredients to prepare an Irani Chai in general but one wonders what all the additional ingredients used here to make an Irani Chai such a delicious. Osmania biscuit is an accomplishment for this chai. Many tourists who visit Charminar and shop at Laad Bazaar take a halt at this café and relish the taste of Irani Chai. Opens at 4 AM and closes at 11 PM.

Address: Beside Mecca Masjid, Charminar, Hyderabad 500002.

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Besides, Nimrah Café, there are several others who offer this wonderful Tea such as Nilofer at Lakdikapul and others.

Delicious delicacies of Hyderabad- Irani chai and osmania biscuits
Irani Chai with Osmania biscuits

Talking about Irani Chai without osmania biscuit leaves me halfhearted. Biskit ke saath chai kadwi lagti hai…….lekin Osmania biskit ke saath Kadwi chai bhi mast lagti hai. It’s the opinion of many in Hyderabad. A mouthwatering Hyderabadi delicacy available in any super/ hyper market and of course at our very own Karachi Bakery and Pista House.

Famous Ice Cream: Situated in Moazzam Jahi market compound. It serves a wide variety of ice creams you can relish enjoying the historic architecture of the site.

Mayur Pan house: A variety of Pan are available here along with eateries from chaat, burgers to North Indian dishes at Kholanis Kitchen.

Address: Needs Arcade, Boggulkunta, Hyderabad 500001 Whatever details I have mentioned in this page are about the unique and famous dishes, restaurants and eateries. There are several numerous restaurants which are out of my mind and will definitely write about those whenever I may remember one.

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