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Apart from historic monuments and religious places, there are other unique places in Hyderabad which are first of its kind that contributes to the major tourist attractions of Hyderabad.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film city- very hard to describe its infinite charm. A major Tourist attraction in Hyderabad and India. Definitely worth a visit if you do not want to regret later
Tourists ParadiseRamoji Film City!

I’m out of words to describe this unique beauty. Amalgamation of natural and artificial landscapes, amusement parks and many more. Spread across many acres of land. If one visits this place, he/ she would cherish the memory for life. The Film city was constructed in the year 1996, chairman, founder and owner being Shri Ramoji Rao. His motto was to set up a studio similar to those in Hollywood city. It has many artificial set ups such as mountains, jungles, terrains etc. An interesting fact is that no single tree was chopped neither natural existing rocks, hills were disturbed in constructing such a vast studio.

Many films, be it Bollywood, Telugu and other regional film makers show their interest to make their films here. Besides, there are permanent sets of railway stations and temples. Visitors are allowed to visit the film sets and other artificial and natural set ups. It is considered as one of the best places to visit in India. You can also drive to Sanghi Temple and Mount Opera (a theme park) which are just adjacent to the gigantic recreational attraction. There are also a few eateries inside the studio for a quick bite and restaurants serving the delicious food. A must visit tourist destination in India and one of the best tourist attractions in Hyderabad.

Internal Landscapes


Type of visit: Group, Family and Friends

Distance from Railway Station: Nampally 35 Kilometers, Kacheguda 33 Kilometers, Secunderabad 37 Kilometers

Distance from Airport: 38 Kilometers entirely through Outer Ring Road

Nearest Hotels: Sahara, a shared accommodation adjoining the studio, Hotel Tara- Ramoji Film City (3 Star Hotel), Sitara Luxury Hotel- Ramoji Film City (4 Star Hotel), Hotel Greens Inn- Ramoji Film City

Prasads Imax

Gigantic IMAX Screen

Every city has its own malls and multiplexes but Prasads Multiplex is a must mention among them as it has a biggest 3D screen in India with 72 X 95 height and width. The seating capacity is 630. You can enjoy the 3D experience on the India’s biggest and Asia’s one of the biggest screens. It is a must visit place in Hyderabad. Hussain Sagar, Buddha Statue, Snow World, Necklace road, Birla Mandir are the other nearby attractions.


Type of visit: Group, Family and Friends

Distance from Railway Station: Nampally 3.9 Kilometers, Kacheguda 5.4 Kilometers, Secunderabad 7.3 Kilometers

Distance from Airport: 31 Kilometers

Nearest Hotels: Marriot Hotel (5 Star Hotel) 4.1 Kilometers, The Park (5 Star Hotel) 2.2 Kilometers, Best Western Ashoka (3 star Hotel) 3 Kilometers, Amrutha Castle (3 Star Hotel) 2.0 Kilometers, Hampshire Plaza Hotel (4 Star Hotel) 2.3 Kilometers, Vivanta by Taj (5 Star) 5.1 Kilometers, The Manohar (5 Star Hotel) 6.4 Kilometers, Taj Krishna (5 Star Hotel) 2.7 Kilometers

Salarjung Museum

Another major tourist attraction in Hyderabad and India wit the collection of arts, paintings etc along with great interiors
Our Very own Salarjung Museum

The art museum situated on the banks of Musi River close to Charminar was established in the year 1957. It is a reputed and one of the three national museums in India. It has the collection of sculptures, textiles, paintings, furniture, clocks from different countries. It has collections ranging from weapons belonging to Aurangazeb and Tippu Sultan to modern paintings of Shri Raja Ravi Verma. Japanese art work, Quran collections, European art, clocks from various countries and from varied ages is some of the other collections available here. It is the 50th largest museum in the world and 1st in India. It is the major tourist attractions in Hyderabad as well as India.

The inspirational and life like painting collection


Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

Type of visit: Group, Family and Friends

Distance from Railway Station: Nampally 4.9 Kilometers, Kacheguda 3.5 Kilometers, Secunderabad 11 Kilometers

Distance from Airport: 24 Kilometers

Nearest Hotels: The Golkonda Hotel (4 Star Hotel) 6.1 Kilometers, Falaknuma (5 Star Hotel) 7.1 Kilometers

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