Inorbit Mall, Shoppers stop, Life style etc are most common and well known shopping malls and shopping destinations in Hyderabad. But I have started this page to discuss about the famous street shopping in Hyderabad which is well known to the locals but lesser known to the outsiders. We get everything here from hair pins to interiors, toys to wedding dresses etc. Locals prefer these street shopping for their wedding and other functions as there is a huge collection available in these markets. There are also certain dedicated markets such as troop Bazar for lights, Chenoy trade centre for electronic gadgets and hardware, Jagdish market for mobile phones and accessories and the list goes on.

Street shopping in Hyderabad

Begum Bazar

Streets of Begum bazar, Hyderabad's favourite street shopping destination where you find all the required shopping needs at a wholesale rates
Streets of Begum Bazar

One of the oldest shopping destinations in Hyderabad and a famous for street shopping in Hyderabad. Utensils such as plates, glasses can be purchased here on a whole sale rates. Many Indians follow a tradition of presenting return gifts at weddings and other functions. One can easily find these gift articles at cheaper rates. Home decors available here is another worth a mention. Apart from these, you can also find gold and silver jewellery, Pooja items etc. Aziz plaza is a noted commercial complex situated at this location. Groceries and daily needs are also available at this always crowded place. It is located at a very close proximity to Santosh dhaba and Rajdhani hotel.

Since the place has a dominant presence of north Indian communities, we can easily find tummy full of yummy street food such as gol gappas, samosas, jilebis, sev puri and other delicious chaat items at this place. If you shop for any item here, you may not need to comprise with the quality and durability. Definitely worth a visit.

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Badi Chowdi

Badi Chowdi is an old and famous street shopping destination in Hyderabad where you can shop for your entire family.
Retailers at Badi Chowdi

Another old and famous street shopping destination in Hyderabad where you can shop for wedding and other ceremonies or functions. Sarees, Salwar kameez and other Punjabi dresses are available in the garment stores located here. Gents and kids can also shop here as you can find the items ranging from belts to Kurta Pyjamas. The cost effective prices is an added advantage. All in all, a famous street shopping in Hyderabad where you can shop for all your clothing needs, be it a daily wear or party wear. Gokul Chaat and Pragathi tiffins are the nearest food joints.

A shopping paradise for shopaholics especially women where we can find all varieties of dresses and also one can find imitation jewellery. Ready made curtains, Bed sheets, Footwear, Bangles are the other items available in this crowded Badi Chowdi market. Return gifts for birthday parties and weddings are also available. The special lane is dedicated to Devotional items which includes silver coated idols and other materials at a reasonable prices. The bangles, safety pins, hand bags, belts for men and kids and other petty items are sold by the street vendors. There is also a vegetable market in the inner lanes of Badi Chowdi where all kinds of vegetables are available. So Badi Chowdi is a complete family shopping destination.

Sultan Bazaar

Sultan Bazar- A famous Street Shopping destination in Hyderabad
Busy streets of Sultan Bazar

Just half a mile away from Badi Chowdi, here comes our next street shopping in Hyderabad; Sultan Bazaar. The place was ruled by Syed Sultanuddin due to which the place is known as Sultan Bazar. Similar to Badi Chowdi, it also has a large number of shops dedicated to wedding clothing. The shops are dedicated to sarees, Punjabi dresses, silver jewellery items, kids specially girls wear and many more. It is also one of the oldest and well known crowded shopping destinations. The book stores are well recognized here. We can purchase the academic books on rental basis and once you are done, you can return the books or exchange them. The pigeon park or Kabutar Khana is worth a watch where numerous pigeons are seen flocking their wings and the sight is eye catchy with the surroundings are busy with the trade of books.

Haridas Market

Another renowned street shopping centre in Hyderabad.
An electronic retailer at Haridas Market

It is well known place for electronic devices such as television sets, Music systems for your Cars etc. All brands such as Samsung, LG etc are available here apart from localized generic items. The shoppers visit the place especially for Cameras. Worth a visit if you are looking out for a cost effective shopping. It is very near to Badi chowdi and Sultan Bazar. The entire lane is dedicated to electronic goods both branded and generic. One can trust the durability of the products purchased here. It falls on the way from Koti to Abids and easily recognizable.

Troop bazar- a famous street shopping destination in Hyderabad where you can purchase the variety of lights
Lights store at Troop Bazar

Troop Bazar: I don’t know how the name came into existence but another destination famous for street shopping in Hyderabad where you can find wide variety of lights. You can find the different kinds of wall hanging lights, wall painting lights at relatively cheaper rates. You can also find the lights for decorating your home for festivals like Christmas and Diwali. This place is also considered as a shopper’s paradise if you love interior designing. Tiles and sanitary shops are also located here.

Jagdish Market

A famous Mobile mart and well known Street Shopping in Hyderabad
Bustling Jagdish Market

Jagdeesh Market or Jagdish Market situated at Abids is another worth to mention. It is considered as a paradise for mobile and mobile accessories. The market offers both sales and services of any brand of mobiles at cheaper rates. All the brands mostly android phones are available here and mobile accessories such as chargers, display covers, mobile cases (formal and trendy) and many more are also available. How much ever the crowd is, you will get a quick response from the staff. You can also find many North Indian quick bites such as Gol gappas, Samosas and other chaat items. The vehicle parking is a little chaotic and so is the traffic . You can also get your phones serviced at this place and any mobile irrespective of their brands or operating systems are serviced here. There are also branded showrooms of Samsung and Oppo in the location.

Chenoy Trade Center

Computers, Note books and Laptops are sold and serviced here at one of the best street shopping destinations in Hyderabad- Chenoy Trade Center
Busy Chenoy Trade Center

The landmark just a mile away from another land mark Paradise Restaurant. Similar to Jagdeesh market where you can find sales and services of the mobiles, here you can find the same for Personal computers, Note books and laptops. The qualified staff at every shop here provides you all the required information for the purchase or service.  Almost all the shops are open even on Sundays. One of the busiest markets in Hyderabad yet known for it’s prompt response and quick service. Every brand is available here and also lesser known brands at comparatively lesser costs. The place popularly known as Parklane is also famous for ladies’ shopping. Certain food courts and bandis near this shopping arena serves one of the best Rajasthani and Delhi chaat items. Very old complexes; Swapna Lok and Surya Lok are in a close proximity to this well known shopping centre. General Bazar is within a kilometre distance from here.

General Bazar

The narrow streets of General bazar is another landmark destinations for street shopping in Hyderabad
The narrow streets of General Bazar

The shopping paradise for wedding dresses and other casual wear for both ladies and gents. Situated at Secunderabad, is considered as one of the oldest yet famous shopping destinations in the twin cities. The cost effective rates attracts the shopaholics. Different kinds of foot ware stores are also located here. The narrow streets of general bazar are often crowded and one of the most visited places for shopping in Hyderabad. Irrespective of the community and other demographics, people often visit here and never turn back empty handed. Bangles, toys, sports shops, daily needs are also available in the well known shopping destination. The shops sell their products both on wholesale and retail prices.

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Nampally Exhibition

All India Annual Industrial Exhibition also known as Nampally Exhibition or known locally as Numaish is another remarkable shopping destinations in Hyderabad
A giant wheel at All India Industrial Exhibition

Numaish (exhibition) was started in the year 1938 by Osmania University graduates at Public Gardens which was later shifted to a separate open land known as exhibition grounds specially dedicated for the purpose. It was later renamed as All India Annual Industrial Exhibition.

All India Annual industrial exhibition also known as Nampally exhibition or Numaish is held every year starting from 1st of January to 15th of February is also a famous shopping destination. Sellers from different parts of India come here to sell and exhibit their products here. Electronic goods, Hand made clothes, bed sheets from Uttar Pradesh, handicrafts, dry fruits and many more items are available here in well designed stalls. Food stalls here serve north Indian Delhi chaat items. Hyderabadi delicacies such as Hyderabadi biryani, Pista house haleem are available. Kids can also enjoy here as there is a huge play area. The entire place is always crowded.

There are three gates to enter in to the main premises. The small and easy to carry articles are sold even before you enter the gates. The main gate (second gate) is known as Ajanta gate. First gate is Gandhi Bhavan gate and third, Gosha Mahal gate. It’s been 82 successful years since it’s inception. Now it was renamed to it’s original name Numaish.

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Gudimalkapur Flower Market

Gudimalkapur Flower market is very famous street shopping destination in Hyderabad with variety of flowers
Decorated Flower bouquets at Gudi Malkapur Flower Market

Another famous shopping destination where you can buy the wide variety of dazzling flowers. Gudimalkapur market is one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad which was shifted from the famous Moazzam Jahi market. The market will always be crowded especially during Valentine’s day, Diwali, Christmas and other festivals. Flowers are considered as an important and auspicious part of our daily life. Large trade of flowers takes place from this market for marriages, poojas, ceremonies and other important functions.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh in Hyderabad! Confused right. It is a lesser known street shopping destination in Hyderabad where you can find the dresses, foot ware, ceramic utensils such as cups saucers and plates at best prices. Many of the Hyderabadis are also not aware of this market apart from locals of Musheerabad, a neighbourhood situated in the heart of Hyderabad. The market derived its name after the locals of Bangladesh migrated here and established the clothing stores.

As discussed earlier in historical places page, the Laad Bazar beside charminar is also one of the best street shopping destinations in Hyderabad.

So guys, these are the famous street shopping destinations in Hyderabad as per my knowledge. I will definitely update the page once I come across any other shopping destinations.

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