Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary

We have almost covered all the star and luxurious hotels in the previous topic. Now I am going to give you a glimpse of the travel itinerary of Hyderabad that would help you to plan your tour accordingly. Any Metro city cannot be covered in a day or two. So is Hyderabad. It is your choice but here is a tour plan which will definitely help you.

Day 1 of your visit to the central part of Hyderabad filled with Joy rides, lake shore visits etc
Places to be visited on the Day 1

Day 1

Depending upon the hotel you choose to stay, the day one will be an exciting one with boat rides, spine biting chills, spiritual outing etc.

11 AM: Snow world is an ideal place to begin with. You can enjoy the spine biting cold with your kids enjoying games in the play area. You can easily spend your quality time here.

12 pm or 12:30 PM: Sanjeevayya Park would be ideal at this peak hour. You can enjoy the natural landscapes alongside the lakeshore. One of the tallest and largest national flag is also situated here.

Eat street with a beautiful lake view
Lake view from Eat Street

01:30 PM: You can have your delicious lunch at Eat street/ Waterfront or ohri’s Tansen/ 70 MM as per your preferences.

Jalavihar a water park

2:30 or 3 PM: Just adjacent to these restaurants, there is a water park known as Jalvihar. It is similar to any of the other water parks. Rain dance, swimming pool with artificial waves adds an aura where you can relax with your friends/ family.

 4:30 PM: Depending upon your mood, you can have a 3D experience at India’s largest screen IMAX or you can simply spend your time at the Necklace road or NTR gardens

7:00 or 7:30 PM: You can visit the abode of Lord Balaji i.e. Birla Mandir. The beautiful temple on a hilltop with a wonderful sight you can witness on every step. Depending on the day and crowd you can take the further action. If you feel stressed and tired on such a hectic day, you may directly reroute to your hotel destination. Else,

8:30 PM: Just on time to the Lumbini park laser show. You can enjoy the lakeshore beauties of the park along with the laser show.

We missed boating to Buddha statue. To catch up the boating you must skip the cinema at Imax and you must enter the Lumbini park in a day light at around 4:30 or 5 PM and be there till the first laser show which starts at 7:15 PM after your boating ride to the status of Buddha. And your next destination would be Birla Mandir.

Any misses, you can have a reserve day as well depending upon your time and schedule.

A historic Day 2

Day 2: If you can start a little early, then you can cover most of the historical outings.

10:00 AM: Charminar. You can visit the icon of Hyderabad and spend almost an hour or so after which you never have to regret visiting Hyderabad not being to Laad Bazaar, the shopping center for bangles, dress materials etc. it is one of the best places to kill the time where two to three hours flee unnoticed.

01:00: As you have started a little early and tired with shopping, you can have your feast at Shadaab, a must try biryani and other Hyderabadi cuisines

02:00 or 02:30: You may visit the chow mohalla palace and enjoy this historic place for an hour or two.

04:00: If you love the art, paintings and other valuable archeological remains, you can visit Salarjung museum where you can spend an hour as it would be open till 5 PM.

The day two is not much hectic as the day one. Depending upon your mood, you can also visit the rarest of the rare Chitragupt temple as you got an ample of time. Your Google maps and the GPS should be turned on as many of the locals are not aware of the temple.

Another historical day 3

Day 3: Again a historical day.

11:00 AM: You may visit Golkonda and spend some quality time here as it takes an ample of time to cover at least the half of the iconic fort

01:00 PM: Lunch at the Jewel of Nizam, also known as the fifth minar of Hyderabad. The beautiful ambience and royal treatment are some of the added advantages. You can feel the hospitality of the Nizams here. And again, one of the Hyderabad’s famous biryani is served here.

03:30 PM:  You can enjoy the serene view of Gandipet alongside the lakeshore

05:00 PM: on the way back to your destination, you may also visit the Toli masjid, a beautiful construction and another heritage site.

So all in all a hectic day’s schedule again.

Day 4: A spiritual day!

A spiritual day 4

06:00 AM: Chilkur……another abode of Lord Balaji. An early hour visit is recommended to this always crowded place as the devotees will be busy in 11 or 108 circumambulations.

You can have your breakfast at your convenience as there are not many prominent places nearby.

09:00 AM: You may visit the 1000 year old Lord Rama temple at Shamshabad and spend a quality time here. You may also visit the Swarna Shipli Kali mandir nearby the Lord Rama temple

11:00 AM or 12:00 PM: Divya Sanketam, a temple where the Lord Ramanujan, statue of equality stands. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here.

2 PM: Irrespective of your community, you can visit a holy shrine of Jahangir Phir Dargah to take the holy blessings. But make sure that you visit in the broad day light as the night visits are restricted here.

Again Lunch at your convenient place as there are no much options here.

Day 5: A breeze of the east!

Mount Opera, Sanghi and others

7:00 AM: As you are driving towards the Far East corner of the city, you can start your journey with a heavy and delicious breakfast at Pragati Tiffin’s at Gujrati Gulli or Ram ki Bandi (open till 8 AM) at your convenience where you can have a tummy full of variety of Dosas and Idly.

08:00 AM: Start to Sanghi temple, it may easily take an hour. Take the holy blessings of the deities and enjoy the scenic beauties of the premises and the surroundings. Please note that the temple closes at 11 AM.

11:00 AM: After beginning your day on a spiritual note, your roads lead you to the spectacular extravaganza, The Ramoji Film City. You can spend your entire day till 5:30 PM here. It has all the amenities like restaurant, theme parks, natural and artificial landscapes, movie sets and what not. You can have your lunch here. A must visit place along with your kids. I just memorized when I was talking about the kids. If you do not wish to spend till 5:30 here, there is another option just opposite to this place which is Mount Opera, a water park. The water park allows its visitors till 6:00 PM.

06:00 PM: On the way, back to your destination, if you take a slight deviation, there stands another landmark Karmanghat Hanuman temple. You can also visit this place.

08:00 PM: You must have been really feeling tired after visiting these places. A little distance away from this shrine, there is another divine and a beautiful temple known as Ashta Lakshmi Temple. You may have a glimpse of this place as well.

For dinner, there are a lot of options on the way. Santosh Dhabas at Begum Bazaar and Abids for veggies or Bawarchi at RTC X Roads for Hyderabadi Biryani lovers.

Day 6: Destination West!

Beautiful landscapes of KBR park Shiparamam and others

07:00 AM: A walk at KBR National park with beautiful sight-seeing, natural landscapes is recommended after a hectic tourism. You can relax here until the park closes at 09:30 AM.

09:00 AM: A breakfast at Taj Mahal Hotel at Jubileehills.

10:00 AM: A holy visit to the Puri Jagannath temple, a replica of the Jagannath temple at Puri Orissa is suggested as you can enjoy the architecture while having the holy blessings of Lord Jagannath and other deities.

11:30 AM: Another spiritual outing Peddamma Temple, one of the oldest temples in the city is also worth a visit. The temple closes at 01:00 PM

12:30 or 1 PM: Lunch either at Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Madhapur, ample of north Indian restaurants available nearby or the iconic Paradise at Hitec city are the options.

2:00 PM or 02:30 PM: A village atmosphere along with a dozens of handicraft stalls for shopping at Shilparamam can also be visited. You can enjoy the village or a country side ambience with a bag full of handicraft items.

04:00 PM: A halt for refreshment at Durgam cheruvu. The lake closes for visitors at 06:00 PM.

05:30 or 6 PM: You have an other option to relax while enjoying the natural landscapes of the Botanical Gardens which is open for visitors till 7 PM.

Day 7: A Rajasthani feast with a spiritual touch!

Dining hall at Dhola ri Dhani, Shamirpet Lake, Ratnalayam temple and Wargal saraswati temple

09:00 AM: After having your breakfast, you may start towards the northern Hyderabad to reach Dhola ri Dhani, a unique Rajasthani theme park. You can spend your ample of time enjoying the beauties of a typical Rajasthani village. Lunch is also served here.

04:00 PM: 19 Kilometers away from Dhola ri Dhani, at Shamirpet, there exists a heavenly abode known as Ratnalayam temple, a shrine of Lord Venkateshwara. You can also visit this place.

You may also visit Saraswati Temple at Wargal after visiting the Shamirpet lake based on your feasibility. The temple is another 20 kilometers from Ratnalayam Venkateshwara Temple. There are lots of Punjabi Dhabas on the way where you can finish your dinner on the way back home.

Day 8: A religious merge!

Kesaragutta, St. Johns Church, Buddha Vihar and St. Mary’s Church

After having your breakfast, you may start leisurely to various religious places.

01:00 PM: You can start and reach another heavenly abode of Sri Ramalingeswara Swami Temple at Keesaragutta. You can spend an ample of time as the temple allows its visitors till 7:00 PM.

Lunch at any nearby restaurants as there is no much option.

After 5 PM, you can visit St. Mary’s Church, St. John’s Church and Ananda Vihar at Secunderabad.

08:00 PM: There is wide variety of restaurants available nearby including the Paradise main branch where you can enjoy your dinner.

Day 9: A miscellaneous one!

All the places such as Balkampet Yallamma temple or Shyam Mandir/ ISCKON temple and shopping at your favourite malls can be covered on this day.

You may also cut short your tour to a couple of days by visiting Charminar, Golkonda, Qutub Shahi tombs, Chow Mohalla palace and Chilkur Balaji temple on Day1 and Hussain sagar and nearby places, Birla Mandir, Peddamma temple and Shiparamam on day 2 as per your choice.

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